Hollyford Track

The Hollyford Track offers breathtaking views as it takes hikers on a stunning journey from the mountains to the sea. Start the trail beneath sheer mountain slopes carved by glaciers and emerge days later to the rugged beauty of the West Coast. The Four-Day Guided Wilderness Experience of the Hollyford Track offers the chance to visit this stunning part of the Fiordland National Park. Following the course of the Hollyford River, the Hollyford Track is a low-altitude walk along the valley floor, very achievable for those with a reasonable level of fitness.

What to Expect

The Hollyford Track will surely blow your mind away with its extraordinary hiking trail, especially if you enjoy a slightly off-the-beaten yet beautiful track.

You get to experience being one with nature by passing through unique mountain slopes and witnessing a panoramic ocean view all in one track.

Get a taste of hiker’s paradise as you uncover the wonders of the trail. Expect to discover breathtaking glacier-carved landscapes, flourishing forests, diverse wildlife, and beautiful land and water formations you have never seen before.

Mountains to the Sea

hollyford track mountains to the sea

The Hollyford Track follows the Hollyford River/Whakatipu Ka Tuka on its journey from the sheer rock walls of Fiordlands Darran Mountains to the wild West Coast.

Changing Scenery

hollyford track changing scenery

Stare in awe at the dramatic glacier-carved landscape, lush lowland forests and the beauty of Lake Alabaster and Lake McKerrow.

Call of the Kaka

hollyford track kaka parrots forest

Listen for the Kaka, our large and rather loud forest parrots, who frequent the valley and often call at dusk

Martins Bay

hollyford track martins bay

Your destination is the rugged yet beautiful coast of Martins Bay, home to the Fiordland crested penguins/tawaki.

Exploring the Hollyford Track

There is something unique and exciting Hollyford Track brings you. As you set your course for a guided walk on New Zealand’s spectacular trail, you can come across lush forests with towering trees, amazing glacier-covered topography, rugged coastlines, and epic nature views.

Enjoy the thrilling hike as you wander through the wilderness, uncovering the hidden treasures of the mountains, from the native Rimu to the ancient totara, and explore the wild by encountering the regular river and lake visitors, the family of Bottlenose Dolphins.

During the trip you can get the amazing chance to wander through the incredible Hollyford trail with an expert guide, rest in luxurious accommodation, take a dip in the popular Lake Alabaster, enjoy a jet boat ride, take a helicopter flight to Milford Sound, and learn about the historical Martins Bay.

Experience the Spectacular Hollyford Track Hike

Are you looking for a different thrill that will satisfy your heart for adventure and fitness? Going on a guided hiking tour along the popular Hollyford Track by New Zealand Walks is an excellent option.

It is not only about hiking but also about enjoying the relaxing accommodation, thrilling extra outdoor activities, calming environment, rich history, and all the other wonderful things wrapped up in a multi-day guided walking tour.

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