Hump Ridge Track

The Hump Ridge Track takes walkers from the sub-alpine zone of the Hump Ridge on New Zealand's southern coast to historic viaducts high above the lush native forest and offers breathtaking ocean views.

Experience an amazing hiking adventure and enjoy a spectacular mix of nature and heritage you have never seen before.

What to Expect

Wandering through one of the popular sub-alpine landscapes of New Zealand, you will get to hike on an invigorating hiking trail and encounter an outstanding natural heritage.

The Hump Ridge Track will take your breath away with its incredible hiking trail, extraordinary forest and coastal views, thrilling outdoor activities, and beautiful local community.

Anticipate refreshing, wild and fulfilling adventures as you go through the wonders of the Hump Ridge trail and rest in cosy accommodation from day one to three.

Limestone Formations

Limestone Formations in Hump Ridge Track

One of many highlights is a loop track among soaring limestone formations with breath taking views of South-West Fiordland, the Southern Ocean, and Stewart Island.

Historic Viaducts

Historic Viaducts of Hump Ridge Track

The trail takes you up to the sub-alpine zone of the Hump Ridge and over historic viaducts high above the lush native forest.

See Dolphins at play

Dolphins at play in Hump Ridge Track

While walking along the coastline, you may even see the rare and endangered Hectors Dolphins as they play in the ocean waves.


Created by the Community

Community and DoC Partnership in Hump Ridge Track

A unique partnership between the Tuatapere community and the Department of Conservation, the Humpridge Track is a private walk operated by a Charitable Trust.

Discover the Hump Ridge Track

Uncover the hidden gems, from the awesome views and rich wildlife to the historical community and thrilling activities of the Hump Ridge trail, on a three-day hiking adventure with an experienced private guide that will be with you every step of the way.

Get a good rush of adrenaline as you reach the top of the track, go through the beautiful limestone formation and see the unique panoramic view of the Southern Ocean, Stewart Island and southwest Fiordland during your 3-day Hump Ridge trail hike.

Make the most of the amazing adventure by walking at your own pace along Hump Ridge’s epic highlands while witnessing the jewels of the alpine zone, the forest and the coastline.

Get the Best Hump Ridge Track Hiking Experience

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